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I am Nicole Martin, the one behind the camera. I’m a lover of books, good coffee, travel, and good music. However, if you take a look around my home you might add a lover of legos, scribbles on walls and little boy grub, and how can I not love those things? They are part of my story.With each year of life I gain more wisdom about the fact that life isn’t about all of the great perfect moments, it’s about the little, everyday, ordinary moments. Those ordinary moments are what make life extraordinary, they are what make my story beautiful.So what is your story? What image paints a beautiful picture of your now? How does today look and feel? I would be honored to help you capture your now and document your story. Because every life is beautiful, every moment, no matter how ordinary, plays a part in telling your extraordinary story. Ready to tell your story?
Diane Ackerman

I don't want to get to the end of my life and find I've just lived the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well.

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